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Benefits of bird�s nest recognised in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

1. Nourishes the lungs, prevents cough, reduces lung lesions, including asthma, shortness of breath, chronic cough, bloody sputum, hemoptysis, hemoptysis, bronchitis, sweating, low heat.
2. Protects and improves stomach functions, refrain from cold stomach symptom, vomiting. Weak stomach caused by stomach upset, nausea, gurgling sound.
3. Helps in healing and recovery after any sickness and illness which causes one to feel tired easily, strengthen stomach immunity.
4. Prevents perspirant, deficiency of vital energy, weak and sweaty spleen, frequent urination, nocturia.
5. Promotes smooth and healthy skin with wrinkle reduction.
6. Various amino acids found in bird's nest help in increase brain's efficiencies especially in growing children, as well as strengthens the body's immune system.
7. The consumption of bird nests among pregnant women have shown beneficial results to both the baby and the mum, especially their immune system.
8. Bird's nest is a natural body moisturizing food and contains various amino acids.
9. Frequent consumption of bird nests products have also shown significant improvement in patients recovering process from the side-effects of all sorts of diseases-related therapy.
10. Bird's nest has neutral taste but it is a health food that is nourishing and reduces heatiness.

Modern medical research
on bird's nest

1. 'Beauty Gene'
Bird's nest consists of a very important peptide hormone known as epidermic growth factor ('EGF'). EGF plays a very important function especially in beautifying genes. It stimulates cell division and proliferation, promotes cell differentiation, repairs damaged skin and surgical wound quickly and promote wound healing. It helps in enhancing the tenderness of skin and lower the rate of aging.
2. Treatment in respiratory system
Bird's nest works miraculously for respiratory system related sickness. Several ancient medical books highlighted on the usefulness of bird's nest towards the pulmonary system disease treatment. Further, it acts as 'lungs cleaning agent' for those heavy smokers.
3. Cardiac, anti hypertensive effect
Bird's nest extracts has heart strengthening ability. Regular consumption of the extracts has shown significant results in lowering blood pressure.
4. Anti-oxidant & anti-aging
Latest medical research shows that bird�s nest is an antioxidant-containing food which helps in detoxification. Long term consumption of bird�s nest has also shown to help delay in aging.
5. Health care for expectant-mothers
According to the research of Prof. Wang Bing, reknown specialist from the Department of Molecular and Life Sciences, Microbiology, Human Nutrition University of Sydney, Australia, bird's nest contains sialic acid (SA) which is a type of carbohydrate useful for development of the brain cells and synaptic membrane. Hence, it is essential for a healthy growth of a baby. As a result, expectant mothers would ensure that they include food that has high content of SA in their diet.
According to Japanese research, bird's nest contains among the highest content of sialic acid.
Regular consumption during pregnancy can strengthen the body of the mother and the foetus. As bird's nests contains with richness protein and it can promote tissue growth, enhance immunity.
6. Anti-aging, improve blood circulation
It helps to rejuvenate body, boosts active lifestyle, enhance memory ability.
7. Promote better blood circulation
Rejuvenate healthy and smooth skin, reduce wrinkles and acne, stabilizes menstrual cycle, helps to elleviate menstrual sickness.
8. Prevent arteries blockages, hypertensions and heart related diseases.
9. Other benefits
Helps to elleviate joints pain and myodesopsia, strengthen the back and nourishes kidney. Relieves fatigue from pressure.
Increases immunity system, prevents fever, flu and cough. Effective in the treatment of Hepatitis-B, cirrhosis of the liver.

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