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According to traditional Chinese medical and modern experiments, there are active ingredients and 20 types of amino acids found in bird's nest respectively which are easily absorbed by the human body.
The benefits of bird's nest on the human body as follows :
1. Bird's nest regenerates and improves cells, acts as anti-oxidant agent which can lower the rate of aging especially to the elderly.
2. Bird's nest contains with various types of minerals such as: calcium, sodium, potassium, which fight against with diseases. It is effective to be consumed during recuperation.
3. Bird's nest contains epidermal growth factor, mitogen and sialic acid amino acids which helps to prevent dry skin, provides required nutrition, and rejuvenates soft and tender skin. Ladies who consume bird's nest will be prettier.
4. Consume bird's nest during and after pregnancy has great benefits to both mother and baby. It stabilizes the placenta and the newborn baby will be healthier and have better skin texture.
5. Various amino acids found in bird's nest boost children intelligence and metabolism while enhancing appetite. It also helps to prevent acne and gives radiant glow to the skin.
6. In fact, bird's nest is suitable to be consumed by everyone to increase immunity system, prevent diseases such as flu and fever and it is exceptionally effective towards cough.

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