Step one: Harvesting

The workers of BASIS harvest the bird's nest from its own bird houses. During the harvesting process, workers ensure the swiftlet's eggs have hatched and young swiftlets have flown away from the nest before harvesting. The workers will then carefully harvest the bird's nest into a box before delivering to the processing plant.

Step Two: Grading

The BASIS's processing plant is fully furnished with proper equipment and is in compliance with the GMP standard. The designated workers will grade the bird's nests according to their quality, shape and size respectively.

Step Three: Cleaning

The Operation Manager will then distribute the bird's nests to the experienced plant workers on a daily basis to clean up the bird's nest by following a stringent Standard Of Procedure (SOP).

Step Four: Reshaping

Workers in the Shaping Department will receive the cleaned bird's nests and then proceed with the reshaping process. The reshaping process is done through vacuuming and drying to remove the water content completely. This method also prevents bacteria growth caused by long period of low-temperature drying and to avoid cross contamination.

Step Five: Packaging

The bird's nest will then be packed into a sealed box and disinfected using ultra-violet before exporting to countries all over the world.

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