'Yan Li Bao' bird's nest originated from Malaysia, is a quality product of BASIS Marketing Services Sdn Bhd , a subsidiary company of BASIS Holdings Sdn Bhd. BASIS has several eco-friendly swiftlet farms located in Malaysia, which is free from pollution and have a natural ecological environment. BASIS has its own processing plant, which is certified with international certifications and intend to provide one stop service. BASIS aimed to produce a pollution-free, highest quality and genuine bird's nest products. Products such as bird's nest, bird's nest strips, bird's nest biscuit, instant bird's nest and other products are exported to all over the world.

Company's Mission: BASIS aimed to ensure customer satisfaction through providing highest quality products assurance and good customer service

BASIS practices the concept of 'environmental-friendly' in building bird houses with the aim of improving the swiftlet's lifestyle and hence producing top quality nests without doing harm to the environment and the ecological system. As such we have revolutionized our way of thinking as well as our business conduct that promotes the GREEN concept.

Yan Li Bao' Bird's Nest--- the environmental friendly bird houses concept

BASIS owns several bird house farms with natural ecology in East Coast of Malaysia free from pollution. 'Yan Li Bao' bird's nest product sources are purely from the company's farm and supplies from reliable and long term supplier in the industry.

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